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ICare’s Mission

“Our mission is to provide a wide range of safe & growing investment options to all individuals & families with differential income patterns”.

About the Founder

It is said that like in archery, in business too it is the focus that is very important. One has to set a target and then single-mindedly work hard towards achieving it. Only then does one succeed.


Leena Parwani, a young and talented Dubai-based entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of iCareinsure a Financial Boutique is totally focused on building her business and creating a sizeable base of happy and satisfied clients.

Leena is a financial architect who conceives designs and executes personalised financial security solutions for her esteemed clients. Leena’s job is to find customised bespoke solutions to her clients’ investment and insurance requirements and that is what she specialises in. She firmly believes in the adage – No one will care how much you know till they know how much you care. Leena feels that diligently following this motto has ensured her clients that indeed she cares.

Leena began her career by working for major corporate houses and insurance firms before she graduated to establishing her own financial consultancy iCare in 2014.

Since then, Leena has earned a formidable reputation among her diverse clientele by offering effective and customised products in areas such as Family Estate Planning, Wealth Creation, Wealth Preservation.

iCare’s client base ranges from extremely high net worth individuals to those with mid-level incomes. Leena further emphasised that while providing traditional benefits, in this day and age, insurance can also serve other important purposes like estate and business wealth preservation, estate equalisation and maximisation, asset conversion and facilitating charitable bequests.

“At iCare, we believe in the simple saying – Short-term goals win games while long-term goals win championships. Our goal is to be the champions in our field.”

Given that Leena started iCareinsure less than 5 years ago, while been in UAE for 17 years she has indeed come a long way. “We have observed significant growth in our customer base in middle east and now in India, as we have always found our niche in complex financial structures and unique ones”. This has been achieved by aiding clients through right advice and adding value to their financial portfolios. We aim to continue with the same strategy to win the trust of even more clients in the coming years.”

When asked to describe her work in a sentence, Leena replied, “I am helping you buy a little bit of tomorrow – today.”

She is also the Top Of The Table consultant for the past 4 years at Million Dollar Round Table, which is ‘Best Among Best’ recognition in Insurance industry. She has been invited to various insurance seminar as speaker. She is listed under top most 100 influential women in UAE. Her articles have got place in Forbes for business owner special – financial risk theme.

Leena is first woman to build the service fee model in Insurance advisory industry considering that she deals with people who value the time at most and she value her time too.

With her unwavering focus and dedication to her work and a compassionate and emotional involvement in providing the best solutions to her ever-expanding client base, Leena Parwani is steadily moving towards achieving her vision and the lofty goals that she has set for herself and her team.

About I care

At I care we have always believed and continue to in providing right financial products to our customers under one roof with the best in class customer service. Our personalized approach towards p our customers have helped us to win trust of not only retail clients but also big corporates and institutions across the country.

Our informed consultants evaluate the client’s specific needs and study the risk profile. Based on the results of these evaluations, our experts suggest the most cost effective, integrated insurance package that is specifically suited to the client’s risk profile. Our professionals are driven by the core philosophy of creating and delivering value to the customers.

We, believe that “Transactions are momentary but enduring relationships are forever”. Hence it gives all transactions equal importance and strives to offer its esteemed clientele an unmatched service.

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